Mori Dual Zip Pouch


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mori Dual Zip Pouch

  • $24.00

Do you find yourself having to bring a wallet and additional pouches to fit other items like portable charger, earphone, tissue packet, make-up items like lipstick? We created the Dual Zip Pouch so you can have a multi-functional pouch!

One side of the pouch has 2 compartment slots, while the other side has 3 compartment slots including a zipper compartment. The wristlet strap is detachable.

Measurement: 4.75 x 6.75 inch, ~200g

Material: Vegan leather (outside) / Waterproof fabric (inside)


"Social Enterprise Gifts" is Foreword's initiative to support fellow social enterprises by providing them a channel for publicity and sales through listing on our online shop. Social enterprises are business with social mission to create social good for our society. mori is a social enterprise based in Philippines and Singapore providing mothers work from home opportunities, even though they are from disadvantaged backgrounds. This way, they can spend more time with their family, and take care of their children and watch them grow. Each pouch is lovingly handcrafted by mothers in Philippines for sustainable livelihood. Find out more about mori here!