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Civil Service College Buona Vista
31 North Buona Vista Road, Singapore 275983

Centre for Healthcare Innovation
18 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, #04-01, Singapore 308443

Temasek Shophouse
28 Orchard Road, Singapore 238832

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Monologue Blend


Blend: Yunnan Ouyang Natural, West Java Malabar
Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, Honeyed Dates, Caramel Finish.

The Monologue Blend is our signature blend of 2019. Monologue represents the rich and complex world within each and every person. It is that little voice in our head, talking us through our daily lives.


Individually, the Yunnan Ouyang Natural and the Java Malabar of the Monologue blend are vastly different from each other, yet they surprisingly bring a balanced cup when put together. Smooth, medium-bodied with hints of blackcurrants and a lingering caramel finish, this is a coffee that one can enjoy every day. 


Monologue reminds us to accept ourselves for who we are, and that the soliloquy we have in our minds is also part of our Self. We encourage taking that step to engage in a dialogue between persons, to connect within both persons through an honest cup of coffee and conversation. 

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