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Civil Service College Buona Vista
31 North Buona Vista Road, Singapore 275983

Centre for Healthcare Innovation
18 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, #04-01, Singapore 308443

Temasek Shophouse
28 Orchard Road, Singapore 238832

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  • Diversity Blend


    Blend: Lafu Washed, Chiangmai Honey, Xamtai Natural
    Tasting Notes: Grape-like acidity, with hints of raisins and chocolate, and caramel finish

    Our Diversity Blend boasts three of our direct-trade coffee from Laos, China, and Thailand. Specifically, the blend consists of Xamtai (natural), Lafu (washed), and Chiangmai (honey), each roasted differently to create layers of flavours ranging from grapes to caramel.

    This signature blend also signifies the diversity we have in our workplace, where we train and hire differently-abled persons. We believe that each person with special needs or disabilities have great potential as long as we practise patience, empathy, and creativity. The name "Diversity" represents, therefore, not just the variety of Asian coffees that we have, but also how differently-abled persons can contribute meaningfully in their own ways in the workplace.

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