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When work is an extension of life

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Changing the world begins with bettering the self…

I recently celebrated my 26th birthday. On the morning of my birthday (which was a Sunday), I had to wake up especially early to work — giving out bottles of cold brew to the runners of the Run for Good Coffee Run. It was a lovely morning; good weather, nice vibes, and leftover bottles of cold brews gave me the opportunity to give them out to the vendors of the Farmer’s Market, as well as the masseurs from the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). Days before the Coffee Run, I had to arrive at the café hours before operations begin to grind my coffee and steep the cold brew and then stay a little bit longer to filter out the coffee grounds each evening. Living in Tampines and having the café at NUS University Town doesn’t help as I spend 3 hours daily on commute. It can be frustrating if the trains fail that day.

At the Run for Good Coffee Run held on a Sunday morning! Selling reusable wares along with our cold brews!

In an interview for a student project, I was asked, “how do you have work-life balance, if you have it at all?” I took a deep breath and chuckled, took a pause and think. The simple answer is that there is no work-life balance; the not-so-simple answer is that my work is an extension of my life, and therefore there isn’t a clear distinction between work and life, and as a result there isn’t a work-life balance. Whatever I’m doing in Foreword Coffee (henceforth, “Foreword”) is an extension of my beliefs and values and commitment to create something out of nothing, to fill in a gap I perceive, and hopefully to do something meaningful in a sustainable manner.

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