Tinkle Arts Handmade Magnets - SG Fave Kuehs


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Tinkle Arts Handmade Magnets - SG Fave Kuehs

  • $10.00

Handmade miniature Singapore traditional kueh magnets made by the special needs trainees of Tinkle Arts. Each piece is made with love.

Available in 8 designs:

- Ang Ku Kueh
- Peng Kueh
- Lapis Sagu
- Pineapple Tart
- Kueh Tu Tu
- Combi A (Kueh Tutu + Pineapple Tart + Lapis Sagu)
- Combi B (Lapis Saug + Peng Kueh + Ang Ku Kueh)
- Combi C (all 5 in 1)


"Social Enterprise Gifts" is Foreword's initiative to support fellow social enterprises by providing them a channel for publicity and sales through listing on our online shop. Social enterprises are businesses with a mission to create social good for our society.

Tinkle Arts is a social enterprise that holds arts workshops, events and creates miniature clay art at our humble studio in Singapore. Tinkle Arts collaborates with MINDS (Movement of Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) to employ persons with special needs to co-facilitate workshops, events and create beautiful miniature clay art pieces for Tinkle Arts. They currently have 6 special needs employees. Your support helps to promote a more inclusive society and creates sustainable employment for persons with special needs.