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Hario V60 Dripper -R

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Introducing the world-recognised coffee dripper, the Hario V60.

The Hario V60 features a cone shape to increase the depth of the coffee layer, thereby increasing contact time of water with coffee grounds. It also has single large hole at the bottom to allow the brewer to alter the flavour of the coffee by manipulating the flow of water (pouring speed). The dripper is designed with inner spiral ribs to allow channels for gases to escape when coffee degases, thereby maximising the expansion of coffee grounds

Play around with grind size or your pouring speed to obtain a cuppa of your desired flavour!

  • Colour: Transparent / White
  • Size: W115 × D100 × H82mm
  • Serving: 1-2 cups
  • Material: Acrylonitrile-styrene resin (transparent V60), Polypropylene (white V60, measuring spoon)