Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

All our coffees are from Asia! To see our freshest roast available, visit here

Do check the roast date stated on the product description page before you make your order! We may put limited coffees with older roast dates on sale sometimes.

Yes we do! Simply contact us at and we will get back to you shortly.

Standard shipping: 3 - 5 working days from order confirmation.

Express shipping: 1 - 2 working days from order confirmation.

Working days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

A tracking no. will be issued for deliveries sent by Ninja Pack.

For bulky orders, your order will be delivered by our delivery partners. 

Spend a minimum of $45 for free standard shipping, otherwise the following rates apply:

Standard shipping (3-5 working days): $5

Express shipping (1-2 working days): $10

Min. spend for free delivery excludes all handcrafted drinks and pastries as we engage Delivery Partners for these orders and additional delivery fees are charged within the listing itself (see FAQs on Handcrafted Bottled Drinks). 

Unfortunately, we only ship to consumers living in Singapore currently.

If you receive a damaged/wrong product, please contact us directly.

Our website uses Stripe for all online payments.

Foreword Rewards Program

Foreword Rewards Program is a membership program to reward our customers for purchases made at our online store. Customers can earn reward points with every dollar (S$) spent and to use these reward points to redeem gifts and vouchers. Members will also receive regular updates from us including members-only invites to events and exclusive discounts.

You start by creating an account with us at our website. With your account, we can credit the reward points to you with every purchase made at our online store. There are 3 tiers to our membership.

Ristretto: All new members start out as a Ristretto. A ristretto is a “shorter” version of an espresso with less water used during extraction, usually at a brew ratio of 1:1 to 1:1.5. Following this brew ratio, members at this tier earn 1.5 reward points with every S$1 spent online.

Espresso: Once you have earned 150 reward points within 12 months, you will level up to Espresso. An espresso is usually brewed with a brew ratio of 1:2; following this brew ratio, Espresso members earn 2 reward points with every $1 spent online. This way, you earn more reward points with every purchase to redeem our products more easily. Espresso members will also receive a $5 e-voucher during your birthday month. On top of that, Espresso members get to enjoy espresso-only discounts.

Black VIP: When you have collected 2000 reward points within 12 months, you will level up to our Black VIP. At this tier, the sky is the limit! You earn 3 reward points with every $1 spent online, making it easier to redeem our products. On your birthday, you will receive a $20 e-voucher and complimentary beverage and pastry from any of our café outlets during your birthday month. Black VIPs will also receive exclusive invites to our events and VIP-only discounts.

The date on which you qualify for the Espresso membership tier is the start of your 1-year validity. You need to earn 150 reward points to extend your Espresso membership tier for another year. If you have earned 2000 points within the same year, you would level up to our Black VIP membership tier. If you do not earn 150 reward points in the year, you would return to our Ristretto membership tier.

The date on which you qualify for the Black VIP membership tier is the start of your 1-year validity. You need to earn 2000 reward points to extend your Black VIP membership tier for another year. If you have earned at least 150 reward points within the same year, you would return to our Espresso membership tier. If you do not earn 150 reward points in the year, you would return to our Ristretto membership tier.

Please give us up to 3 working days to update the change in your membership tier. Alternatively, you may write in to us at to expedite this process.

We have curated a list of gifts which you can redeem with your points. Go to our online shop and click on the “Foreword Rewards” to see the range of gifts listed. Check back often as we will be updating the list with new products.

On top of that, with every 200 points collected, we will be sending you a FREE drink voucher which you can claim from any Foreword Coffee Roasters outlet. Feel free to customize the drink in any way with no charges; the drink is on us to thank you for your continuous support.

During special events, you may earn more reward points per dollar spent, or be able to redeem gifts with less rewards points. We have a line up of events coming up each month, so do subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news from us!

To redeem your reward points, click into “Foreword Rewards” and send us an enquiry. We will get back to you in 3 working days to process your redemption.

Espresso members can choose to pick up the redeemed items from any of our outlets or arrange for delivery at $5. Black VIP will have your redeemed items shipped to you for free.

Activities on your reward points can be checked via your account. In determining the number of reward points earned for your next membership tier, we do not take into account the number of points redeemed.

Yes. All reward points are valid for 1 year from the date you qualify for the membership tier that you are in. Reward points expire after 1 year and cannot be brought forward.

We are giving you the opportunity to give back with your reward points through the “Giving back with reward points” listing. For every 1200 reward points collected, you may convert your reward points into S$20 value to donate to any campaign listed on Just log into, select the cause you wish to support, and we will make the donation on your behalf.

Some donations are tax deductible. However, due to PDPA reasons, we will not be collecting your personal data to help claim tax deductions for your donation using reward points. Please take note that Foreword will not ask you for your NRIC no. in any cases and you are reminded to be careful when giving out your personal details to suspicious requests.

Reward points will not be issued for vouchers and e-vouchers purchases.

The value of e-vouchers would be deducted during checkout and the value deducted through the use of e-vouchers will not be considered in the computation of reward points to be issued at the point of transaction.

We take 1 to 3 working days to update your membership tier to the next level when you have earned sufficient reward points. We will back-allocate the additional points earned through your new membership tier from any full transaction made from the point when you reached your new membership tier, when we update the membership tier for you.

For example, you currently have 145 point in your account and you made a transaction of $10 which gives you 15 points. You now have a total of 160 points in your account which qualifies you for the Espresso membership tier.

The excess of 10 points earned through your previous membership tier (i.e. Ristretto) will not be multiplied by the new conversion rate in your new membership tier (i.e. Espresso).

However, if you make a new transaction after the accumulation of 160 reward points in your account, we will be able to allocate the additional reward points earned in your new transaction based on the new membership tier’s conversion rates.

Handcrafted Bottled Drinks

Each handcrafted bottled drink is made fresh on the day of delivery. 

Unopened, each milk-based drink can last for 3 days in the fridge and black coffee can last for up to 5 days from the date of delivery.

Once opened, we encourage you to finish the bottle within the day.

Pre-orders for the bottled lattes would be opened weekly on Fridays 11am and close at 4pm one day before each delivery date or when delivery slots run out, whichever is earlier. 

Our bottled latte listings currently takes order for 2-4 bottles per order. For purchases beyond 4 bottles, we suggest for you to split into separate orders, e.g. 3 + 2 for 5 bottles, 3 + 3 for 6 bottles, etc. 

We are looking into simplifying the process of purchasing more than 4 bottles of drinks.

With effect from 26th May 2020, Foreword engages external Delivery Partners to help us send the bottled drinks to your address.

Each trip costs $5 and therefore a delivery fee of $5 is included for the bottled latte orders. This delivery fee is directly paid to the Delivery Partners and is applicable even for orders above the min. spend required for free delivery in our general terms.